3D printed fashion and more

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to design your own clothes on your own computer, just print it and you can wear it! Several fashion designers are already working with the 3D printer, it’s becoming more and more popular in fashion land. It may be possible for ourselves in the future. Interesting right?
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3D printed bikini!

3D printed bikini!

What is it?
The 3D printer for fashion is a new revolutionary technology. A printer that can print accessories, hats, jewelry and clothing in 3D. The first time 3D printed fashion was introduced to the world, was at the Amsterdam International Fashion week in 2010. The 3D printer isn’t only for fashion, but for food, design and architecture etc. as well. Firstly, you will need an idea, concept or design made with computer aided design or animation modeling software on your computer, a shoe or a dress for example. It’s your choice what kind of material you want to use, but it depends on your 3D printer. Depending on the size of your design and what material it’s made of, it will take a couple hours and sometimes a couple days before it’s finished. Your design will be printed layer on top of a layer.

Check out this video:

Why is it cool?
This 3D printer is cool because people can create and design literally everything they want with it on their computer. So designers don’t need to spend hours and hours behind their sewing machine anymore, just to finish of their collection. It’s effective and super modern! The 3D printer has future growth potential because more and more people will have access to it in the future. This revolutionary technology continuos to develop itself.

Before you leave my blog, make sure you check out this link: How 3D printing works.
On this website you will find more information about the 3D printer and how it works, it’s explained to you step by step.


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  1. Hi there,

    The possibilities with a 3D printer seem limitless. Almost everything you can imagine, you can create. Good blog!


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