Compact furniture

Hello everybody,

Who doesn’t find it annoying to have so little space in their room? But so many stuff to fit in there. Well, I found the solution for this problem. Especially for all the students out there! In this blog post you will read more about compact furniture.

What is it?
Gergely Kiss-Gal came with a new furniture colletion: The Plie Collection. This furniture is special because if you need more space, you can fold, for example, your little table like origami and slide it simply under your bed. It’s compact furniture. The furniture collection is based on the japanese folding paper art. The designs are really compact and easy to hide. The designs from Gergely are really simple and small.

A little table

A little table

But Gergely Kiss-Gal isn’t the only one who thought about this. Resource furniture as well. This is a company from the United States. Resource furniture has imported their modern designs from Italy and other European designers since 2000. The designs are tables, desks, beds, seatings, lighting and storages. The Resource furniture collections are extended but simple and very modern.

If you want to see more, click the link below to go to their website and check out their cool video!

Why is it cool?

It’s cool because all your furniture fit into each other so you don’t need an extra room or a bigger house to storage all your stuff. Everybody can create their own space in their own house and it’s made for kids, teenagers and adults. Your room will be really easy to use and your furniture isn’t heavy. Like the company Resource furniture says: ‘This furniture is space saving.’
This concept has future growth potential because more and more people are living in the cities. The houses and apartments in the middle of the city aren’t that spacious. With the designs from Resource furniture it is possible to live in a smaller house with amazing space options, cool furniture and big comfort.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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